Pictography of Kit Assembly

  Instrument panel layout on paper prior to drilling and cutting the metal panel.

  Joe installing an Auto Pilot roll servo in the right wing of an RV-7. This system is an S-Tec System 30.

  Getting ready to set the wings for proper incidence. The all-critical leveling process.

  Very Carefully checking to be sure the wing is properly set, using a carpenter's level with a digital protractor backup.

  RV-6 Sectioned Instrument Panel
Just one of many innovative improvements that Joe has designed to make maintenance much easier.

  Forward Access Panel
Some aircraft have so much avionics equipment with supporting computers, etc., that an access panel is added just forward of the windshield to aid in any future maintenance.

  This aircraft's paint scheme consists of a lot of stars and stripes in red and blue on white. The fuselage and wings were laid out with a computer generated paint mask.

  Here is a little different panel layout, featuring a Dynon EFIS system. It is a bit more simple than some panels; however is neat and very functional.

  Paint Process
These pictures show the extensive process Schumacher Aero goes through to achieve a high quality paint finish. The acid etch, alodine application, epoxy primer and finally the finish coat. These steps take considerable time, but are worth it in the end.
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